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nearly all the songs that have been so skilfully used by MBC Music to make the story of JunSo Couple

Click on the songs to check them out. Enjoy! (P.S. If you have clicked on a link that leads you to MNET, a dialog box will pop out. You can either ignore the box or close it and wait for the music to load. Do let me know if any of the links does not work.)

Episode 4

[9:09mins] 마르티나 (Martina) – 오늘은 그대와 소풍가는날 (Today Is Picnic Day With You) [JunSo Couple leaving the cafe and walking to MBC. Musical version used in show]

[16:09mins] 선물 (Present) [JunSo Couple stepping into their recording studio. Music from movie My Scary Girl OST]

[18:35mins] Crying Out  [JunSo Couple writing short lyrics on meeting each other. Music from Chilling Romance OST]

[20:04 mins] Eric Benet – Still With You [So Eun’s favourite song that she played in the car on the way to restaurant in Hongdae]

[20:23 mins] 정인(Jung In) - 장마 (Rainy Season)  [Junho’s favourite song that he played in the car on the way to restaurant in Hongdae]

[24:47 mins] 바비킴 (Bobby Kim) – 한잔 더 [Drinking at the restaurant in Hongdae]

[30:03 mins] 요조, 김진표 – 좋아해  [Song that So Eun sang at the restaurant in Hongdae. Seems like So Eun also likes this song a lot as I’ve recalled her singing it as well during a radio programme that she participated.]

[30:55 mins] 엠씨더맥스 (MC The Max) - 사랑의  [Song that Junho sang at the restaurant in Hongdae]

[33:16 mins] MC Sniper – BK Love  [Junnho letting So Eun listened to his favourite song at Korean Film Museum. Song from movie Winstruck OST)

[41:20 mins] 이승기 – 파라다이스 (Paradise)  [JunSo Couple arriving at Yongsan Train Station)

Episode 5

[1:44mins] 박효신 – 눈의꽃  [The 1st memorable OST song recalled by Junho on the train to Jeonju. Song from drama Sorry I Love You OST]

[2:00 mins] 조성모 – 너의 곁으로 [The 2nd memorable OST song recalled by Junho on the train to Jeonju. Song from drama Lovers in Paris OST]

[2:42 mins] 박정은 – 요정 컴미  [The memorable OST song recalled by So Eun on the train to Jeonju. Song from animation Commy OST]

[4:02 mins] 김영민 – Bad Memory [When Junho lost to So Eun in the scissor, paper & stone game on the train to Jeonju.  Music from movie Fortune Salon OST]

[5:01 mins] 외로운 기러기 [When JunSo Couple about to split the biscuits into two. Song from movie Narara Penguin OST]

[5:24 mins] 수상한 낚시꾼  [When So Eun insisted that Junho eat her biscuit for good luck on the train to Jeonju.  Music from movie Mapado OST]

[6:12 mins] 이승철 – 잊었니  [JunSo Couple listening to one of the tracks from drama God’s Feast on the train on their way to Jeonju]

[6:55 mins] Would You  [When JunSo Couple arrived in Jeonju and So Eun said “Waah, Jeonju!” Music from movie Punch OST]

[8:13 mins] Goodbye – Jessica Folker [At the cathedral in Jeonju, when JunSo couple was about to enact the scene from the movie The Promise OST]

[9:23mins] 전유진 – Mr Loser [When Junho said the line “I am garbage” during the enactment of scene from movie The Promise in the cathedral. Music from movie Fortune Salon OST]

[10:03 mins] 희주의 테마 [JunSo Couple praying for their song for the second time at the cathedral. Music from the movie The Promise OST]

[10:27mins] 전유진 - 아침풍경 [During the interview with 2AM. Music from movie Fortune Salon OST]

[11:36 mins] 몽니 (Monni) – 바람을 지나 너에게 [So Eun attempting to share her shawl with Junho on their way to the bibimbap restaurant in Jeonu]

[12:42 mins] 스위티 라떼 (Sweet Latte) – 살랑살랑 오세요 [When JunSo Couple laughed sheepishly after the comment that they looked compatible by Ajumma at the bibimbap restaurant]

[14:08 mins] 이효정 – 귀신이 보여요  [When So Eun asked Junho if he would like to eat the pig’s skin at the bibimbap restaurant in Jeonju. Music from movie The Scores OST]

[14:38 mins] Separate Vacations [When Junho fed So Eun with tofu/beancurd at the bibimbap restaurant in Jeonju. Music from movie The Holiday OST]

[15:16 mins] 해오 – 작은 새  [When So Eun fed Junho with oyster at the bibimbap restaurant in Jeonju]

[16:15 mins] Ra.D – 너와 함께 있음을  [JunSo Couple eating the bibimbap & drinking makgeolli at  at the bibimbap restaurant in Jeonju]

[18:54 mins] 하은 - 키스씬(Kiss Scene) [So Eun reaching the cafe where Junho  was waiting for her]

[35:12 mins] 단비 – 그댈 좋아해요 [In the studio, when So Eun gained back her fighting spirit after being encouraged by Junho]

[36:18 mins] 모리(Morrie) – One Fine Day [So Eun reaching JPY office]

[42:42 mins]  이아립 – 우리집 싱어 [Congratulating So Eun for the good lyrics written at JYP office]

[43:13 mins] 샤 (cHat) - 말해줄래 [When Junho sighted SoEun’s Benz at JYP’s office]

Episode 6

[2:09 mins]  김준석 – A Little Girl, Nami [When Junho coolly used his hand to protect So Eun as he braked & slowed down the car. Music from movie Sunny OST]

[3:08 mins]  이소은 – 키친(Kitchen) [When JunSo Couple began cooking at the camping site]

[4:16 mins] 내 이름은 강인호  [When the kimchi fried rice is almost done. Music from movie You’re My Pet OST]

[4:29 mins] 내 이름은 모모 [When JunSo Couple began to eat their kimchi fried rice. Music from You’re My Pet OST]

[4:53 mins] 스톰하트 (Storm Heart) – 올라잇! [When Junho was peeling apples at the camping site. Instrumental version played in M&L.]

[6:33 mins] 이한과 도영의 Love Theme  [When Junho showed So Eun the coffee he brought from Ethiopia. Music  from drama Manny (매니) OST]

[8:11 mins] 지나  [JunSo Couple discussing on the lyrics at the camping site. Music from the drama Padam Padam OST]

[11:20 mins] 어쿠스틱 콜라보 (Acoustic Collabo) – Promise  [When So Eun was waiting for Junho at the cafe before meeting the music directors]

[17:03 mins] 이정(Lee Jung) - 사랑은 왜 [The Lee Jung’s song that Junho played for So Eun to listen in the car]

[27:02 mins] 이재진 – Date   [JunSo Couple making a promise to collect the certificate together. Music from movie Chilling Romance OST]

[27:59 mins] 10cm – 죽겠네 [JunSo began their dinner at the restaurant]

[30:34 mins] 김준성 – 사랑하는 이여… 안녕  [When JunSo Couple intertwained their hands at the restaurant. Music from the movie The Last Blossom OST]

[36:19 mins] 비 내리는 오후 [When Lee Jung finished recording Sad Song. Music from the movie Like Father, Like Son OST]

[37:05 mins] 김준석 - 미안해, 사랑해, 사랑해 [When So Eun was waiting for Junho to arrive for their beach date. Music from movie 6 Years in Love OST]

[37:49 mins] 브라운 아이즈(Brown Eyes) – Love Is Over  [When So Eun offered tea she made to Junho in the car]

[38:42mins] 몽니(Monni) – 단 한번의 여행  [Junso Couple in the car on the expressway just before they arrived at the beach. Definitely of my favourite songs from the show]

[38:57mins] 결혼하자  [When Junho offered his arm to So Eun after they arrived at the beach. Music from movie Finding Mr Kim OST]

[39:39 mins] 박기헌 – Prologue [When Junho was carrying So Eun at the beach. Music from movie Closer to Heaven OST]

[40:30mins] 어반자카파 (Urban Zakapa) – Something Special  [When Junho started filming So Eun on the beach]

[41:38mins] 피터팬 컴플렉스 (Peterpan Complex)  - 감정을 삼키고  [When So Eun started writing on the beach. Even though I feel like tearing whenever I listen to this song, as it reminded me that JunSo couple have bided farewell on M&L, it’s still my favourite song in M & L (after Sad Love obviously)]

[43:56mins] 소규모 아카시아 밴드 – 너 [When Junho started reading the message that So Eun wrote to him]

[44:43mins] 보드카 레인 (Vodka Rain) – 보고싶어 [When Junho Couple gave each other a hug]

I must admit that I really take my hats off to the production crew of M & L. So much songs used for a 2- hours plus broadcast and the list here is not even complete!! I will update more songs once I managed to figure out where they were used in the show.

Listing all the songs here makes me wanna watch the 3 episodes all over again *sigh*…

To experience again the wonders of the music that beautified JunSo Couple’s story in M&L, you can check out the following sites:

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vernandaa sent: do you have any link or transcript for Sad Love lyric? Hangul, romanization and the translation also. been looking for that, but found none so far. maybe I'm not looking hard enough? thanks :)

Sad Love

credit to the owner…

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